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PenJet® News Releases

Jan 9, 2003 -- PenJet® Corporation Awarded Degassing Patent for All Needle-Free Injection Systems, Essential for Safe and Painless Drug Delivery

Dec 13, 2002 -- Needle-Free Smallpox Vaccine Injector that is Easy for Anyone to Use Developed by PenJet® Corporation

Nov 14, 2002 -- A Patent for Mixing a dry Reagent, Including Lyophilized Drugs, in a Needle-Free Injector Awarded to PenJet® Corporation

Sept. 18, 2002 -- Patent for a Simplified Needle-less Injector Comparable to a Conventional Syringe Awarded to PenJet® Corporation

Dec. 5, 2001 -- Patent for Mixing Lyophilized (Freeze-Dryed) drugs in a Needle-less Injector Granted to PenJet® Corporation