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Smallpox Vaccinations

A disposable, needle-free injector for smallpox vaccines, that is safe and simple enough for most people to instantly administer an inoculation to themselves or others has been developed by PenJet®. Up until this time, a smallpox vaccination required a highly trained professional giving multiple needle injections for each inoculation.

The PenJet® for smallpox vacination uses a new quadricated™ (four-hole) disposable ampoule for giving painless vaccinations without a needle. The Quadricated™ PenJet® also uses self-contained, compressed inert gas to inject drugs into the skin surface without a needle. A complete intradermal vaccination is given simultaneously through four orifices with only one needle-less injection. The PenJet® Quadricated™ Ampoule, provides an accurate, controlled vaccine delivery in 0.1mL dosages. Since it injects without a needle, it offers a painless and safe delivery method for many vaccines targeted for highly infectious diseases.